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As writers, we like to think of ourselves as a bit ‘out-of the-box’, and generally our taste reflects this. So if you are blessed (or cursed!) with a writer in your life, how do you buy them gifts they will absolutely love? Forget the chocolates and Tesco’s ‘Book of the Month’, this is what writers really want:


Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress

This is definitely a brilliant gift for an author who is setting up their online platform. WordPress¬†is probably the most popular hosting site on the web and it’s success is down to the thousands of options you can call upon when you are setting up a website. With thousands of themes, plug-ins and tools to create your own perfect website, WordPress is a great place to build your brand as a writer.

Many writers want to write; they don’t want to fiddle about setting up websites. This visual WordPress guide makes setting up your own website extremely easy. Most writers would appreciate the hard work being taken out of what can be a fairly daunting task; this book offers the solution.



The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression

Dictionaries and Thesaurus’ are a necessity for any writer, but The Emotion Thesaurus is a brilliant reference book which can add new dimension to your writing. It’s not always easy to define the emotions you are trying to project onto your characters, but this book provides the answer. Writers will love poring over the pages and finding new descriptions for their characters’ deepest emotions.



Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad 40 Sheet Mountable Pad

Writers all know the curse of having that incredible idea in the shower, then by the time you are dried off and have hunted down a notebook, the idea has gone. That problem can now be solved with Aqua Notes, a completely waterproof suctioned notepad and pencil. Any writer would enjoy this fun little gift far more than boring shower gels.



3dRose ITS OKAY, WRITERS SHOULD BE STRANGE – Two Tone Black Mug, 11oz (mug_224524_4), 11 oz, Black/White

This mug just about says it all. Writers will love it!



Men’s I Am A Writer I Do Not Tolerate Reality T-Shirt 2XL Black

The gift that a writer can wear. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to explain yourself; so let a shirt do the explaining for you.




Writer with a Day Job: Inspiration & Exercises to Help You Craft a Writing Life Alongside Your Career

This is the perfect book for the writer who is looking to make the transition into full time writing. Crammed with advice, inspiration and exercises to help you make the most of limited writing time, this is an invaluable book for anyone trying to fit writing around a full time job.

3dRose LLC 8 x 8 x 0.25 Inches Mouse Pad, Best Writer Ever Fun Job Pride Gift for Worlds Greatest Writing Worker (mp_179780_1)

Writers are notoriously lacking in confidence so make a confidence-building statement with this mouse-mat and remind your favourite writer just how good they are.

Amazing Writer Custom Plaque Tin Sign Gift For Author Screenplay Writer Theater Actor Director Typography Personalized Metal Art Print #1213

These tin signs can be completely personalised with the name of the writer in your life.


“ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND” – Vintage Style Pendant in Lewis Carroll Quote Box – “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”

Every writer likes to wear their favourite book as a piece of jewelry so make it possible with a beautiful hand-crafted necklace. There are many on the market but we have a particularly soft spot for Alice in Wonderland.




CafePress Writer Clues Writing Tote Bag – Standard Multi-color

For the writer who wants to gather all their writing equipment and go sit in a Starbucks to write their next masterpiece, this bag is perfect.


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